Join us for

Featuring Lacy Mucklow, Keynote Speaker
Bowtie Cinemas (1301 N. Boulevard)
Richmond, Virginia 23230
Saturday, November 7
10:00 AM

Are you stressed? Are you filled with anxiety, waking up and not being able to go back to sleep? 
The concept behind KEEPING IT CALM is to focus on TEACHING us ways to manage our stress and anxiety, especially during the busy holiday season, instead of just TELLING us.
This event is open to the general public.  Our oganization is hosting this event for the Central Virginia area.  
We want to introduce adults in the area to Lacy and Angela's books, designed to reduce day-to-day stress and anxiety.  So grab a friend, neighbor, relative, or teenager (we know it is a Saturday morning!) and come by to hear more about how coloring books can help.  Lacy is an art therapist with stories to tell and we can all learn.
Lacy will be available at 11:00 to sign books and meet attendees.
Tickets are required.  SEE THE LINK BELOW.

General Admission Ticket


WELCOME to all readers of Dr. Kevin Leman's book, Born to Win

We hope you'll join our social club, or forward our site to those who might be interested in joining us for our exciting 2015 year!

Are you a first born girl or are you raising one?

A first born girl is a female who is
the oldest child
the only child
one who has siblings who are five or more years older
one who has taken on first- born characteristics due to special family circumstances.

Our organization is dedicated to discovering, sharing and celebrating the unique contribution that first born girls make to the world! For membership information, see our membership page.  

If  you are a first born girl, JOIN our group today!  There are no committees, no meetings, no responsibilities.  We are a SOCIAL group!  The photo above was taken of the 9 founding members in November 2005.  We have dozens of members across the country. Get a group together in your town!

What are some of the characteristics of first born children?  They are organized, responsible, natural leaders, perfectionists, caretakers, and loyal friends and colleagues.  The research is still slim regarding first born women, but our organization is a forum to discuss what those characteristics are.  We are all unique, but there are some common threads. 

For more information on birth order characteristics, visit the official website for Dr. Kevin Leman.

Members, we're planning our Fall 2015 event in Manhattan. Email for more information!

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